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OPDBA Members Strive For Clean Inspection Reports

Ohio Professional Dog Breeders Association (OPDBA) members have always taken great pride in going above and beyond any minimum requirements. The amount of time and efforts daily spent providing the necessary care and attention to their animals speaks to their love and devotion for their chosen profession. OPDBA members also understand the public's desire for transparency to know that God's animals are properly cared for and loved. MnPBA members also understand that violation can be something as simple as unintentionally writing down one of the 15-digit microchip numbers wrong on the required paperwork regulations.

Over the past few years lawmakers have passed numerous regulations on professional dog breeders on both the state and federal levels. OPDBA members prepare their kennels for multiple unannounced inspections every year by the Animal Plant and Health Services (APHIS) of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) as well as Ohio Department of Agriculture. Many of the regulation involve consume a great deal of the breeder's time filling out multiple bureaucratic forms and paying one government fee after another. Many breeder's express their concerns that some much of their time being consumed with paperwork it is taking time away from their care and attention of their animals. However, OPDBA members always want to do the very best they can and always want to obey the law even though sometimes it seems to be misguided.